Program #7

Sunday 15th march | 16h

Salle Boris Vian, Maison de la Culture
Free access
MATE | Chaerin Im | USA, Korea | 2019 | 4’24

"A mating ritual on print, plate and reflection". Experimental film combining animation, printmaking and photography.

Facelift | Jan Riesenbeck, Dennis Stein-Schomburg | Germany | 2019 | 6’46

A man talks about his everyday life while his head is developing a life of it's own.

Ascensor | Adrian GARCIA GOMEZ | USA | 2019 | 7’45

Ascensor is an exploration of grief, longing and mysticism through a queer lens. It documents a syncretic ritual that culls from the magical reverberations in Mexican culture to process the unexpected loss of a dear friend.

Ruunpe | Boris Labbé | France, Japan | 2019 | 2’14

The Ainus are a autochtone population of Japan and Russia. « Ruunpe » is a kimono with Ainu figures created with broidery and cut-out white and colorful fabric.

That which is to come is just a promise | Flatform . | Italy | 2019 | 22’

In the course of a long, slowly take over Funafuti, both drought and floods appear in a constant uninterrupted rhythm. The state of flux between both type of events is reflected in the places and actions of the inhabitants making the island's extremes seem familiar: the air is riven with anticipation and surprise.

Program #7