Friday 13th March | 2 pm

Carte blanche to Victoria ILYUSHKINA

Espace municipal Georges Conchon
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Eros arrow_Engeneers of art_Inal Savchenkov_FrantsRodwalt
Eros Arrow | Engineers of Arts (Inal Savtchenkov, Franz Rodwalt) | 1993 | 13'10

Music by Sergueï Kouriokhine. Film made by : Inal Savtchenkov, Franz Rodwalt, Sergueï Enkov, Grigory Strelnikov, Olga Maslova, Valentina Nesterova, Boris Timkovsky. Animation from a full-length film. The plot revolves around the story of a musician and confrontation between classical jazz and alternative music. Sergey Kuryokhin asked the artists to make this film and organized the shooting at Lenfilm studio. It was a professional 35mm film, however, it was left unfinished due to the lack of funding. The music is based on “Opera for the rich”. Music activates the objects that start moving chaotically and fighting. The artists create masterly collages by means of application and animate them

Khlabov Anton_Full ShiftWorking
La chaîne de montage | Anton Khlabov | Russie | 2009 | 5'

Conveyor system is a tool that exercises a universal operation similar to addition in mathematics and unvaried regardless of the specific object it is applied to. The video is about an abstract process with no end or beginning. A ceaseless stream of signs in the information space is similar to a steady flow of details on the continuous belt. The viewer can only see fragments from his “work place”.

Tsvetasis | YOmoYO (Maxime Svichtchev) | Russia | 2017 | 5'08

With the help of a computer program the artist creates an imaginary tridimensional kinetic sculptural compositions and puts them into urban environment. In the virtual space of imaginary city different creatures are growing. These civilizational mutants were engendered by a mind of a human himself, the one who lives in a megapolis in the age of the Internet, TV, innumerable gadgets, social media posts, accounts, likes, news feeds, and other manifestations of contemporary reality. In this work artist counter poses the world with its plastics of live nature and stressful rhythms of megapolis. Artist sees it as a reflection of a possibility of saving a «living» element inside technological computerized environment

Ilyushkina_Lost Fragmentes_1
Lost fragments, part 1 | Victoria Ilyushkina and Maïa Popova | Russia | 2014 | 01'26

An attempt of reconstruction. The plots of video remind classical sculptures. Choreographer restores the memories of the past by the analytical method. The work is made in a creative tandem with choreographer Maya Popova

Field | Alena Tereshko | Russia | 2015 | 5'44

This work represents a piece of hand-drawn animation, or kind of succession of drawings (about 1 thousand graphic artworks, calking paper) depicting body positions, available for direct vision, i.e. without use of mirrors or other reflecting means. Painting from life was another condition to create additional frame that made the result vivid, existing in space and time, and subordinate to body accommodation, capacities of vision and perception, and definite time frame.We get our perception and experience through our body, but if we get the idea of existence of things due to the body, how can it be objectified?

Tanya Akhmetgalieva_Disapering staircase
Des escaliers disparus | Tatiana Akhmetgaliéva | Russie | 2015 | 4'28

“When I was a child, I was afraid of clouds. I felt as if our house had simply own off into space.
I found this viscous and white infinity all around intimidating due to its emptiness... Years later I can still see my house in the dream, I am running, I am trying to get inside, get into my room, but the staircases have already disappeared...”

Alexander Shishkin_HokusaiNew Versal1
New Versailles | Shishkin-Hokusai | Russia | 2016 | 5'

The artist creates a zone inhabited by fictional characters based on the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl video game. He materializes his phantasms in the digital space of a derelict landscape. He settles this post-apocalyptic world with his hand-painted flat relief plywood silhouettes. He transforms the potential of digital technologies, turning them into a work of art.

Julia Zastava_it hurts
IT HURTS | Julia Zastava | Russia | 2019 | 3'16

Music: Last King of Poland (Chicago)

Chorus : What is weirdness encased in ice it hurts

Lyrics: filthy nostalgia love is a crime learn from a dove learn how to die

Marina Alexeeva_End of fan1
End of Fun | Marina Alexeeva | Russia | 2010 | 2'29

End of Fun is episode 3 from the series Life and Adventures of WHITES and BLACKS. The film’s technique is the animation of clothing “without people”. The behavior of clothing when there is no person inside them differs significantly from their behavior when on people. Everything is black-and-white.

International Festival Videoforma is an important promoter of contemporary forms of art and culture in St. Petersburg. The aim of the festival is to acquaint the audience with both the classics of video art and the latest trends in this art form It was founded in 2009 by Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center and is being supported by St.Petersburg Committee for Culture. Curated by Victoria Ilyushkina and Olesya Turkina. Artworks of every Videoforma’s program comprise a large spectre of genres and techniques, starting from classic videoart, short meter, documentary and animation to VJing, 3D mapping and other forms that are developing on the edge of computer technology. For the time of Videoforma’s staging it has been a platform for many widely acknowledged artists, curators and independent directors from around the globe.

Each year festival has its own significant theme. At 2011 it was “Intolerance” which was an homage to a masterpiece of 20th century cinematography — David Griffith’s Intolerance. 2015’s festival was devoted to “The Border of the Sound”, narrative of 2016’s Videoforma was constructed around the theme of “Colour Vision”. The goal of 4th Videoforma was to throw a bridge between the classical avant-garde of the 1960s and experimental practices of 1990-2000s. “Future Vision” was the theme for 5th Videoforma. 6th Internatinal Video Art Festival Videoforma is performing a research on the theme of “Video.Text.Art”. 7th International Festival Videoforma is named “Screens”, which provides an opportunity to present innovative experiments in this art genre.


Victoria ILYUSHKINA holds a degree in Art History and Theory of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts and in a New Media Program at Pro Arte Institute. She worked at The National Center for Contemporary Arts, Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center, Videoforma International video festival in St. Petersburg. She is currently curating CYLAND Video Archive and the CYFEST video programs. Her video programs has been exhibited at the Youth Education Centre of Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg; at the Made in New York Media Center, USA; in Berlin, Istanbul, in Sweden, in Colombia, in Brazil, at parallel events at Moscow and Venice Biennale. Jury member of International festivals: MULTIVIDENIE, Oberhausen-59, Krasnoyarsk Media Festival, Transmission and annual Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award.